Friday, August 8, 2014

Citizens Against Unfair Taxation (CAUT) Treasurer Report - the Latest

Here it is, the weekly treasurer's report from the Palm Beach County PAC (Citizens Against Unfair Taxation [CAUT]). It seems as though they are trying to thwart the infrastructure repairs needed here in Lake Worth. CAUT are the ones putting out those red/white signs around town. Lots of contributions this week. Impressive. Their total contributions in this reporting period, 7/26/14 to 8/1/14 (P5 Report), show $1,613.29 raised. Good work!

Well, not really. Of that $1,613.29 there was a check from the CAUT PAC treasurer and Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey for $1,000. He pays almost $13,000 a year in City of Atlantis property taxes so he has some resources. (Lynn Anderson is no longer the top contributor. She has given the PAC more money than she pays in total taxes per year.) In perspective look at it this way, Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey now accounts for 31% of the CAUT contributions. Note that the town of Atlantis has very nice sidewalks and nicely maintained streets. Atlantis has not a pothole to be found.

And...drum roll please...big news. The CAUT PAC was formed on 6/1/14. It only took 58 days but John Rinaldi finally kicked in. He really stepped up to the plate in a big way making his presence known. Nothing says you care like a big fat check. Rinaldi wrote a check for $100. Which makes sense because Lynn Anderson pays no taxes to the City of Lake Worth and contributed $250.

Think of $100 this way: at $2.99 plus tax that would buy almost 32 packages of Phyllo dough.

There is one glaring addition error, but small and they'll fix it in next weeks report. But get this, the Chair of the CAUT PAC has an in-kind contribution for $1.17. For printing. Not $11.70. Not $117.00. Seriously, she has an in-kind contribution for ONE DOLLAR AND SEVENTEEN CENTS. This just might be the smallest in-kind contribution in modern American politics. If not, it is very close.

In conclusion Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey's contributions have made a big impact. Because of Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey's checks totaling $1,150 the daily, average contribution over the 62 days the CAUT PAC has existed is $60.70. Without Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey it would only be $42.15.

Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey has a big stake in keeping our Lake Worth streets and infrastructure in horrendous shape for as long as possible.