Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Payable by Lake Worth Taxpayers


Anonymous said...

When was this approved and aren't there a number of other gifts that keep on giving?

If so, can you let us know?

L said...

This is the group that Pinkie the Revisionist Blogging Clown calls the Best Commission EVER! And she's not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Is that part of the whole Enron thing? Don't we also have some kind of costly generator that went with that also? That company collapsed, what are we paying for???

AM Windy-Runt said...

Courtesy of:
- Anarchist Cara Jennings
- Cara Jennings' pet JoAnn Golden
- MBA Suzanne Mulvehill

$64,000 each and every month for a gas pipe.

$64,000 down the drain each and every month.

Isn't anarchy great? Don't you just LOVE giving IT ($64,000 each month) TO THE MAN!!!!

Thank you, CARA JENNINGS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And thanks to all cara's supporters who happen to be the very same group that's opposing the 2020 plan.
So needless to say their judgment ain't worth the cost of the wrinkle cream pinkie applies to her face every day.

A Sensible Analysis... said...

lake worth dee said... “wHAT HAVE THE OCCUPANTS,OF LAKE WORTH'S COMMISSION SEATS DONE IN the 2 1/2 years they were responsible for the infrastructure and economy of Lake Worth,quality of life?Elected with foul malicious rumor mongering,lies,elected by the ignorant vulgar mob.”
“Thoe clowns assume all lake Worth Citizens IDIOTS!
Majority of lake Worth Citizens are intelligent, and the highest tax payers of lake Worth know all about every Dept. of the City,and know that subversives, underhanded elements,are plotting to rob taxpayers of lake Worth.”

Russ said...

My $64,000 question: an explanation of what entity receives these payments.

And whether the contract is ironclad.

Lynn Parvovirus, I have a RECIPE... said...

Can we make this the BEST BAR-B-Q joint on the planet? Fire up the grills! Make the gas line pay!!!!!