Saturday, July 19, 2014

Editorial: Concern over All Aboard Florida loan sounds more... |

Strong editorial about the All Aboard Florida project which calls out politicians who suddenly see ghouls and goblins when it comes to federal loans to private entities. The Post calls out a few previous examples of public/private relationships that were designed to benefit the region and where was the outcry then? Click title for link. From the article:
Because if this is not the case, if Negron and this growing cadre of skeptical politicians truly oppose All Aboard Florida chiefly as a troubling example of crony capitalism, then surely they must also have opposed:
  • The $310 million federal grant to the private Scripps Research Institute to build its campus in Jupiter.
  • Jupiter’s Roger Dean Stadium, built with $28 million of county tax dollars to house spring training operations for two private baseball teams.
  • Palm Beach County’s $27 million subsidy toward the building of a private Hilton hotel alongside the county’s convention center.
  • The $89 million federal proposal to dredge the Port of Palm Beach to encourage greater use by private container ships and cruise line.
If these politicians also opposed these investments, it’s reasonable to take their complaints about All Aboard Florida’s federal loan at face value. If not, let them explain why this project is different. If they can’t, ask them to offer the real reasons for their opposition.