Friday, July 18, 2014

Council approves $17.6 million plan for Midtown, South End... |

A lot of money being "invested", really spent, by the Town of Palm Beach in beach restoration. This may last 3 to 5 years or so. Decision for work on the south end, around the Lake Worth Beach, is being delayed until August due to concerns over the quality of sand material. Click title for link to the Shiny Sheet article.
The plan calls for 918,500 cubic yards of sand to cover beaches from Casa Bendita in Reach 2 to Banyan Road in Reach 4.
Of that, about 130,000 cubic yards will be hauled by truck into reaches 7 and 8 to help maintain storm protection until a larger project scheduled for the winter of 2015-16. The town awarded a $1.3 million contract to Rio-Bak Corp. for the South End truck haul.
The decision was delayed Tuesday after one of the two prospective contractors raised concerns about the town’s specifications and bidding process.
After rejecting November bids that came in over budget, the town re-solicited bids in April and received two: one from Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. for $13.5 million and the other from Weeks Marine for $17.6 million.