Saturday, July 19, 2014

CAUghT - Characteristics of the Great Walled City of Atlantis

From the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation (CAUghT) PAC filing papers.


lwbulldog said...

Residents of Atlantis who are curious about their fine city and the PAC Citizens Against Unfair Taxes, an explantion. On August 26 the voters in the City of Lake Worth go to the polls to decide on a bond issue. Lake Worth's infrastructure is in terrible shape. For decades the roads haven't been maintained, the City needs many fire hydrants, streetlights, sidewalks, and the City's potholes are legendary.

Some oppose this plan. Curiously these same opponents agree the work needs to be done but refuse to offer a legitimate alternative. A PAC was formed by Lake Worth's Katie McGiveron and she chose as her treasurer none other than Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey. He also was a former mayor of Lake Worth.

From the relative comfort and privilege of Atlantis, Mr. Dorsey has taken on a leadership role in defeating Lake Worth's 20/20 bond plan to fix the City's problems. He may succeed. And the neglect will continue in Lake Worth, the decaying neighbor of the fortunate city of Atlantis.

Anonymous said...

In all of LW our dear friend Kate couldn't find anyone else but Dennis to be her treasurer. Not even Lynn A? Lynn A is the treasurer of Kate's other PAC, Save Our Neighborhood. Lynn A was also the treasurer of the now defunct Citizens Come First. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Lynn A has way too much to do writing about the facts in this city and the money grab. What difference does it make that Dorsey lives in Atlantis? He has family living in Lake Worth. He has raised more for LW students than anyone alive. I would imagine that he is interested in presenting the other side of the argument. Sounds like a great idea to me.

ElleDub said...

Some of us should become active in Atlantis politics.

Anonymous said...

Walled City? Konzentration Kamp?
This is nothing more than prison by another name. Living in such places in times of civil or international conflict are usually the first places targeted, from a historical standpoint.

I would NEVER live in such a noveau riche' bogus 'community' full of mah hah boners and those who have gotten 'privilege' of living there by screwing over others. Walled cities and 'communities' are more prone to being targeted. Look at Jerusalem then, and Gaza tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

"Lynn A has way too much to do writing about the facts in this city and the money grab".
What anonymous at 1:46 REALLY meant:
Lynn A has way too much time on her hands. It takes a lot of time to make up such an incessant line of bullshit and lies. Lynn A wouldn't know a fact or truth unless it was delivered in a social security envelope.