Thursday, April 3, 2014

West Palm Beach: Bring spring training to city, on county’s... |

West Palm Beach still has a site in the line-up of potential spring training sites for a baseball stadium complex. This one is at Haverhill and 45th Street. There are some issues there, as well, but the city thinks they can be overcome. Lake Worth's entry of John Prince Park is still mentioned in the article, but it seems as though the County is no longer including that site as a possibility. Click title for link to article.
 The two teams aren’t yet convinced that they will one day wind up in the county, sources said last month. If the county can’t find a solution, the teams could try to pair up in Kissimmee, where the Astros now train, or in Arizona.

Last month, the county released a list of the 10 sites and proposed options to cover a shortfall in the county’s projected cost of building the two-team stadium.

Not on the list: John Prince Park, west of Lake Worth, which Lake Worth leaders had pushed. County staff cited state deed restrictions on the park land, but Lake Worth officials have said they believe those issues could be overcome.