Monday, April 14, 2014

Raft Race Announcement - Mango Groves Neighborhood Association

Hi All-

The Raft Race is coming up, and  for the first time,this year, we have the opportunity to get T-Shirts!

The NAPC is allowing sponsorship of the T-Shirts, in the form of a large or a small logo on the back of the shirt.   The cost would be $300/$150 respectively.  You may also pre-order the shirts at a lower cost than 'day of' sales.  If you would like to purchase either or both, please contact the NAPC at

We are also looking for participants to help build, decorate, design, and generally help in making our raft this year.   The theme is Art on the Water, and the Mangos have chosen Toulouse Lautrec as their artist, with a "Moulin Rouge-esque" theme.   We need people to help.  this is just about the most fun thing that happens all year. July 4th is the date, and it is only 11 weeks away!

Bryant Park's Kentucky Derby Party is also happening the first Saturday in May, and as always, it is being held at Mango Grove's own favorite SouthShore's Tavern.   Tickets are available now!   Don't miss it!  For the ladies....your best hat, and for the gentlemen....your wildest shirt...   Be there!

Monthly meeting this Thursday at Compass 7pm, and for anyone who would like to meet afterwards for a bevvie at SouthShore's

Mango Groves Neighborhood Association