Wednesday, April 2, 2014

John Prince Park not under consideration for spring training... |

This seems pretty final. It is clear that this was not done in reaction to the action of a few "neighbors." It just is an impractical site for a number of reasons. At least Lake Worth was being talked about and was seen as being proactive in an attempt to keep spring baseball on the east coast of Florida. Click title for link. From the article:
A handful of Lake Worth residents showed up at a County Commission meeting Tuesday night to urge commissioners to reject any plan to use 80 acres on the north side of the 728-acre park for spring training.

“It is a sin to even consider a ball stadium at this location,’’ said Pamela Bergsma, who raised the issue during public comment.

“’There’s no crying in baseball’ has not taken on a whole new meaning. There will be a lot of tears shed if you allow this glorious piece of green space to be replaced by a ball stadium.’’

Another speaker was ready to voice opposition when Valeche replied to Bergsma’s comments by telling her she has nothing to worry about.

“John Prince Park is certainly not on any list to be developed. It was dismissed a month ago,’’ said Valeche
, who is helping spearhead the county’s efforts to lure more teams to the region.
You can now resume the usual levels of hysteria.