Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wellington demolishes blighted home | Video |

Wellington has its share of vacant and foreclosed properties too that are creating blighting influences. This house that is featured in the article might be 15 years old? No one city is immune from the effects of the Great Recession - some more than others. Click title for link.
 Friday’s demolition was authorized after an emergency hearing Thursday when a foreclosure judge denied the bank’s request for extra time to make repairs. The bank indicated it would appeal the judge’s decision, but that didn’t preclude the village from moving ahead early Friday with the demolition.

“We did everything we could so they had enough time to resolve the issues,” Village Attorney Laurie Cohen said.

This is the first time the village has had to demolish a condemned house, although other properties have come close
, Cohen said.

The cost of the demolition will become a lien on the property, so whoever buys it will bear that cost, she said.