Monday, March 31, 2014

Sober-condo takeover raises concerns |

West Palm Beach has its hands full as it relates to sober houses, or living units in this case. The particular property featured in this article is a dog-eared condominium on Georgia Avenue, just south of Belvedere Road. State legislation seems to be on the way so that there can be more local control over such residences, but they are also protected by federal ADA and Equal Housing laws. They are trying to get something done during this session. Meanwhile, local governments are doing the best they can with the tools that they have. This is how West Palm Beach is managing this particular situation. Ms. Vann has been in the planning department in West Palm Beach since I was there, going back some twenty years.
Angella Vann, planning and zoning administrator for West Palm Beach, said city officials have known about Good Decisions Sober Living at the Green Terrace condominium for about a year because it had to apply for rental permits.

Vann said 14 of the two-bedroom units owned by Bailynson have been approved by the city for two people in each of the bedrooms. The other half are currently under review.

“Nothing is stopping (Bailynson) from buying every unit in there,” said Vann, noting that there are code enforcement issues that the city is working with Bailynson on to get resolved. “We know the complaints and are doing the best we can within the parameters of the law.”