Friday, February 14, 2014

Delray Beach, Florida: The most fun small town in America | Toronto Star

Delray Beach seems to be every travel writer's sweetheart. This was published in the Toronto Star which serves the fourth largest metropolitan area of North America. The author is smitten with Delray and it oozes in his prose. Reading this, I get the sense that he was singled out by someone, it is not apparent who, and given a "tour" of various hot spots. Click title for link to the article. Here are a few gems:
Unlike many Florida cities, Delray Beach is a place where you can park your car at your hotel and forget about it. Most of the restaurants and top shops are strung along the main street, Atlantic Ave. The beach is within walking distance of several fine hotels.
And this...
Back downtown, I hitch a ride in a small, open-air electric cart with a company called The Delray Downtowner. There’s no charge for rides around the downtown area, but drivers work on tips, so a few bucks is a nice thing to give them at the end of your ride.
I stop at Café Martier on Atlantic Ave. for good cappuccino and fabulous people-watching from their sidewalk patio. The streets are clean and the sidewalks are lined with beds of flowering red and white begonias and towering palm trees with tiny pin lights.
It’s enough to make a northerner consider making a trip to the local real estate office.