Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blogger Beats Sun-Sentinel Like A Drum :

Blogger and frequent guest on High Noon in Lake Worth, Chaz Stevens, at first goes without mention by the Sun-Sentinel after finally getting prosecutors to start an investigation into bidding practices of a Lauderdale Lakes City Manager. Stevens has worked long and hard on the story, through his My Acts of Sedition blog. So then the Sun-Sentinel does an article on the matter and fails to mention Chaz. Apparently, they changed the original article and ended up mentioning him in the last paragraph. The BrowardBeat article, click title for link, points out that this is a fight between old and new forms of media. His conclusion is that the Sun-Sentinel better get with the program and recognize bloggers like Stevens who have taken up the work of the Fourth Estate. 
A source says that it is only after [Chaz] Stevens complained that the paper agreed to credit the blogger…in the last paragraph.
The Sun-Sentinel story ignored that Stevens has been threatened with a lawsuit by Jonathan K. Allen’s father, well-known lawyer and civil rights pioneer W. George Allen.  You can see one of Stevens’ pieces here.
My old employer, the Sun-Sentinel, is desperately trying to retain relevance in the Internet Age. They won’t be successful by ignoring folks like Stevens.
Stevens’ site has never made money.  He says he does it because of his belief in clean government.
“The perp walk is my Olympic Gold Medal,” he says. “It makes what I do worth all of the time and trouble.”
Like it or not, bloggers like Stevens and websites like Tamarac Talk are the future.  They are more nimble and more aggressive than the sclerotic Old Media.