Friday, December 13, 2013

Negotiations fail; hearing set to resolve status of Rosow... |

Looks like this public records request matter in the Town of Palm Beach is headed to court. Click title for link. From the article (Rosow is on the Town Council):
Rosow denied an Aug. 13 public records request by the Daily News, seeking emails he wrote or received from Sterling and the National Arts Institute which, at the time, was in lease negotiations for the site.
Rosow and the town have asserted that the emails should remain private because Rosow was acting as a neutral “mediator” in the lease negotiations between Sterling and NAI. Sterling has asserted that the emails contain “trade secrets” that should remain private.
The Daily News maintains the emails are public records, that the mediation statute does not apply in this case, and that the documents should be released after any valid trade secrets are redacted.