Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EF!ers Charged with Felony Terrorism for Hunger Games Banner, Glitter | Earth First! Newswire

Click title for link for Panigioti Tsolkas' attempt to link the Hunger Games series as a metaphor for the uprising that is currently taking, or about to take place over our industrial/technological world. Here he is interviewed by one of the reporters of the EF! Journal collective which is probably more about search engine optimization (SEO) than anything else. An editor being interviewed by their own reporter is like talking about yourself in the third person, or at least an attempt at self-aggrandizement. I think it's time to post his Kalamata Treatise again.

And, they should remember that Oklahoma City was the site of a major act of domestic terrorism in the form of bombing the Murrah Federal Building. So I understand that the local authorities may be sensitive to acts that resemble worse forms violence than the "glitter" that was spilled at the event in question. Did the officials know the material was harmless when this happened? No.