Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What’s in a political name? Maybe humor |

This is a fun article. Apparently the State of Florida has revised its handbook on political campaigns and financial reporting requirements. It dumped some "funny names" that are identified in the article that were used in the former book. Later on, it mentions other political groups that span a wide range of causes, acronyms and purposes. These caught my eye as likely-named groups that could be spawned in our city. Click title for link to article.
Many of the committee names clearly reflect the industries or trade organizations behind them.
But an equal if not greater number divulge little, if anything, about the organization’s purpose or stands on issues or candidates.
Take, for example, “Truth is the Daughter of Time,” “Citizens for a Reality Check,” “Creating Possibilities,” or the “Committee Without an Agenda.”
A perusal of the 911 active committees registered with the Division of Elections reveals some common themes such as strength, integrity and responsibility.