Saturday, November 2, 2013

West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio on 10/30/13 - "Media Availability"

The Mayor puts out this interview every two weeks or so regarding current topics going through city processes. Here she talks about the Chapel-by-the-Lake project which would result in a 25 story residential tower(s) east of Flagler. The City Commission tabled further consideration of it until after the 1st of the year. She remembers telling the development team when she first met with them that this would be an "uphill battle." She also briefly mentions meeting with other Mayors and city representatives - which our Mayor Triolo and City Manager Bornstein attended. But she limited her comments to West Palm's concerns over the 45th Street Flea Market. She talks about the Open Sky police and public safety radio system that continues to be an unresolved item from at least 2 years ago. She also mentions two RFQs that the city has issued related to their golf course clubhouse - one for an owner's representative to assess how much it would cost and what should be done with the existing building and one for people who may want to renovate it. She finishes by talking about their police department and some bad apples that have put the city in a position where they may have to make a financial settlement of some kind. She says that such things are not representative of a "culture" within the department.

I share this here since we should know what is going on with our larger neighbor to the north and that, even with the shaky camera and the ad hoc production here, it is still a way to reach out to your constituency, which is better than doing nothing. Eh hem.