Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SARASOTA, Fla.: Funding short for buying new conservation lands - Florida Wires -

I just signed a petition to put an item on the state ballot that would fund the state's environmental land purchases through a levy on documentation stamps. It might be a good idea after reading this article, click title for link. It seems that the land the state had as surplus may be worth keeping as well.
Environmental advocates say that without more property available to sell, Florida may fall behind in acquiring new conservation lands.
The Florida Legislature had budgeted $70 million for the Florida Forever land-buying program, but $50 million was to come from the sale of surplus conservation lands already in the state's possession.
"First they said it'd be a great way to fund Florida Forever. Now they'll be lucky to get $12 million to $14 million out of the sale of the land," said Julie Morris of Venice-based Wildlands Conservation, a consulting firm that identifies willing sellers of environmentally sensitive land.

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arielle said...

Better hurry up. The price of land is skyrocketing. How much is the appraisal for the Briger tract? Has one been done?