Monday, November 18, 2013

Last night, cresting the newly-opened Lantana bridge..

 We checked out and crossed the newly-opened Lantana bridge last evening. The bridge has these pedestrian overlooks, which can be queuing areas for people waiting for the bridge to be lowered, or just a place to pause and take in the view.
 Nicely detailed railings and the ability to see through them is retained. There is an elevated sidewalk in relation to the traffic lanes along both sides of the bridge.
 I happened to catch this old Jeep-like vehicle going across while we were there.

The moving part of the bridge is not the typical exposed metal grating that we are used to. This is finished in concrete.  We asked one of the workers why that was and he said that this bridge is built to what he referred to as a "100 year standard." So, this bridge should be here a lot longer than the old one - that one made it 62 years.