Thursday, November 21, 2013

Editorial: Will Flagler Memorial Bridge favor turn into a... |

The Post's Jac Wilder Versteeg makes an excellent comparison here in talking about the problems of the north bridge in contrast with the stoic Lantana residents who lived with a 6 mile or more detour for 20 months. They saved money doing it to. Click title for link.
To the south, residents waiting for the new Lantana Bridge — a county project rather than a state project — had to use alternative routes for 20 months during construction of a new span. The decision not to build a temporary bridge saved $18 million, and the new $32 bridge opened on schedule this month.
The Lantana bridge example suggests that it sometimes is better to keep projects as simple as possible. Mr. Ecclestone might not have done Palm Beach, or taxpayers, any favors when Gov. Scott did him a favor.