Friday, November 29, 2013

Earth First! Journal Hosts Film Festival in Lake Worth This Weekend

Our Earth First! friends are hopping on the "Love Train" celebrating the arts in Lake Worth just about six-ways-from-Sunday. Click title for word from the ferocious Fire Ant about the 2013 Earth First! Film Fest that claims it will show a "weekend of films to fuel the eco-resistance against the Capitol." The Capitol of what, we are not sure. It's this weekend, Friday through Sunday, at the Quaker Meeting House on North A Street. Doors open an hour before the films begin so you can mix and mingle with the monkeywrenchers of your choice. You do have to bring cash money. $25 gets you free passage for the entire week, including time on the Red Carpet opening night.
This dovetails with the EarthFirst! Journal Art Auction, part of their multi-thousand dollar fundraiser so they can finally get a newsletter out the damn door to satisfy their subscribers' rabid and ravenous hunger for information on banner hangs and tree sits. They are 10% on their way to the goal of $30,000 by year end. Go dudes, go! Check out some of the art here.

Here's a pic from one of their latest actions.