Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aventura, City of Pettiness

From the Biscayne Times, click title for link. Noted south Florida historian and two time guest on "High Noon in Lake Worth" Seth Bramson tried to write a book on the history of Aventura. He has written many similar histories of other communities in south Florida. People at the city initially cooperated, but then found reason to block the publishing of the book when it included some recent history that the city found objectionable, but it happened to be the truth. Revisionism at its worst. This is from the end of the article - worth an entire read believe me.
Apparently in our city, the reputation of a manager trumps the First Amendment. The role of the city attorney has morphed into representation of the manager, not the city itself. Or just maybe the manager has become the city.
I hope that Bramson finds a publisher for his book. Even if one has little interest in the history of Aventura, we should all buy the book because we have an interest in upholding the right to free speech.