Saturday, July 27, 2013

An example of the PAC cross-pollination that went on in this city...

These pictures were taken on the steps of City Hall, June 14, 2007. It was the "kick off" of the We Love Lake Worth PAC that was formed to gather signatures for a referendum on the land use plan change and the zoning district at the beach, referred to as "Beach and Casino." There were four petitions related to four actions the City Commission had taken a text change to the Comprehensive Plan, a change in the Future Land Use map designation for the beach from Public Recreation and Open Space, establishment of the Beach and Casino zoning district and rezoning the beach property from Public Recreation and Open Space to Beach and Casino. The former zoning designation did not allow ANY retail or commercial space at the beach and, in retrospect, was needed for what the city ended up doing anyway - the project that we see today.

The first thing to notice is that the white T-Shirts with read lettering read "No Beach Lease!" on the front and on the back they said "Lake Worth - Public Beach Public Control." If one just saw the t-shirt alone, you would not know the purpose behind the PAC was to revert the land use and zoning designation to what it was before. These t-shirts, and the real intent of the people associated with the PAC, was the dismantling of the development agreement with Greater Bay and the city.

You will see a lot of familiar faces in these pictures taken during this "kick off."


These pictures come after the "kick off" of the We Love Lake Worth PAC, but are taken in front of a table and a display for the Save Our Neighborhood PAC, which was formed to overturn the Sunset property land use plan and zoning change. They seem to have a large supply of the same t-shirts and are hawking the same cause. You will see some familiar faces here too.