Monday, April 1, 2013

Susan Stanton appointed as Greenfield city manager | Monterey News - KSBW Home

This is not recent news and many Lake Worth people already know about her new appointment.  Click title for link to news video and Lake Worth is mentioned.

But, let's see what is happening now in Greenfield.  These clippings are from the KRKC FaceBook page:

And check out these articles about their policing situation.  The following is from one published just last week:

Soledad seeks to end police deal with Greenfield  This is the key quote from the article:
But Tuesday, Soledad City Manager Adela Gonzales sent a letter to recently hired Greenfield City Manager Susan Stanton seeking to end the agreement, saying the cities' relationship has become too strained — and blaming Stanton for it.
"Prior to your arrival as city manager, the city of Soledad worked cooperatively with the city of Greenfield's city administration for the mutual benefit of providing police chief services with hopes of studying and, one day, forming a new legal entity for law enforcement in our two cities," Gonzales wrote in the letter.
"However, since you assumed your position as city manager for the city of Greenfield, you have expressed your ongoing opposition to the proposed JPA model and stated your preference to hire your own chief of police."
Does any of this sound familiar?  Just Google "Soledad Greenfield Police" for additional articles.  Here is another.