Saturday, April 6, 2013

E-mail from Terry Rice, PhD, PE

As regular readers of this blog know, I have a radio show called, "High Noon in Lake Worth." The show airs each Friday at noon and the show is archived so anyone can hear any of the shows at their leisure. I have informational shows, such as like my last show on the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative and upcoming symposium. Now and then I book guests that are controversial, like Fane Lozman, for instance, or fun, like comedian Robert Dubac.

A loyal reader of this blog has been sending me information about the recently completed one-mile bridge in the Everglades, along the eastern length of the Tamiami Trail. In 2009, US District Judge Ursula Ungaro referred to the project as the "environmental bridge to nowhere." Now that the bridge has been completed at a cost of $81 million, some are proposing even more bridges be built over four years at a cost of approximately $324 million.

From the Tampa Bay Times, October 25, 2011: " 'Now we need to find funding sources,' said Salazar [Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior], speculating the cost may rise to $400 million."

$400 Million.

This reader I referenced directed me to Dr. Terry Rice. He is a critic of the bridge(s), citing the network of culverts along the Tamiami Trail that already exist. And he also fears that the bridge will increase the flooding potential for Miami Dade County.

I thought why not try to get Dr. Rice as a guest on my radio show.

I contacted Dr. Rice and this is his reply which he gave me permission to publish on my blog. This is one of Dr. Rice's presentations that he refers to in his e-mail.. This will be a continuing story for me, since our Lake Worth Commissioner Christopher McVoy is heavily involved in Everglades restoration. I would invite anyone involved with the Everglades restoration effort to be on a future radio show, including our own Commissioner McVoy.

Imagine what kind of impact just 1% of $400 million would do to help Lake Worth, Florida?

Here is the email I received from Dr. Terry Rice: