Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lake Worth Music Festival


The Lake Worth Rotary Club is pleased to present the 12th Annual Lake Worth Music Fest at the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza on April 20, 2013 from 2PM til 7PM.  

As always, it will be free to the public.

In addition to the outstanding Fest regulars Rod MacDonald, Joel Zoss and Tracy Sands, we are excited to announce that

Tim Grimm will be coming down from Indiana to perform.

Tim was named “Male Artist of the Year” by American Roots Music.  In addition, he has received wonderful reviews.

Snippets of some of them appear below:

            “A feast for the fan of well-performed, story-driven acoustic music.”    SING-OUT !

            “A real find.”     Village Records 

            “One of the best storytelling songwriters in America”      Rootsville, Belgium 

            “. . . [He] . . . tells such great stories, [and] conveys such deep emotion. . . .”   WGDR, Plainfield, VT 

             “ Grimm . . . [evokes] . . . Woody Guthrie . . . and Johnny Cash. . . .”     3rd COAST MUSIC 

            “. . . a quiet master following in the footsteps of Woody Guthrie and John Prine.”    The Courier, Tupelo, MS  

For more information about Tim, please go to

 For more information about the LWMFest, please contact Richard Willits at, or  904-834-2972.