Monday, January 14, 2013

Editorial: Tree-cutting says all the wrong things about Lake...

Word comes now from the paneled corner offices at the Palm Beach Post regarding the felled tree.  The most important part of the article is this:
"...but the fact that it was torn down should worry a city engaged in far more complicated endeavors than tree maintenance. So badly mishandling a sick tree in a downtown square is not likely to instill residents with faith in its running of, say, its electric utility or newly renovated public beach site."
I would suggest that the Palm Beach Post look into the beach project - its site plan deficiencies, how we got there by not saving the building, how the building is unprotected from the wild ravages of the ocean...stuff like that there.  We also have to recognize that some people in this city think it is important that the city run its own electric generators and maintain a power grid.  I am optimistic about the city's immediate future with the new administration in place, but we must be able to prove that we can do the basics right before we branch out into the municipal equivalent of rocket science or brain surgery.

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