Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mulvehill Monologues, Part VI

Thank you, Wesley, for taking Grumpy for the night. It's been so quiet around here. Good to know he is settling down. 

I am going to try to transcribe another couple minutes today. Decided to stay outside this morning; it is so lovely out here today. Talk later on, toot toot tootsie! 


The Mulvehill monologue continues, beginning with a couple of sentences from the last monologue (Part V) for some context.

... Some of the lessons that I shared, umm, in that we have learned is that we need decisive leadership, umm, we've had visionary leaders and helping make these projects come to reality. That relationships and partnerships have been key, umm, that nongovernment NGOs or nongovernment organizations, our universities, government, and government organizations. Our, the ROS, that they call it, return on sustainability, hmmm, multidimensional creative benefits. How are we getting benefits from these programs? 

Part V follows:

You know, when we [unintelligible] the New York Times, for example, just three page spread we were in, we were in the Wall Street Journal, we were getting national press for some of the things that we're doing, hmmm, branding and marketing, maximizing assets and investments, some of the, ahh, comp plans I just shared with you about the the [mumbling] preview some things we've done, and a responsible government. You know, communicating the, the flow [pause] looks like flow [Mulvehill trying to read the slide presentation], communication flow! [giggling] Yes! And trust. And having an educated citizen, citizenry, so we can capture, ummm, the opportunities that are available in this city and benefit from becoming a resilient community. Thank you very much. [applause] 

The End!

Wesley, the tape supplied to me was eighteen minutes long and just assumed that there was that much tape to transcribe. This is THE END! Can you believe it? Question for you, Wesley, is there a tape of the original presentation in Bonn, Germany? A web site I can access? There has to be, right? Just curious. Would think it an interesting comparison to see the presentation before the commission and a professional presentation before a international conference. And a few pictures on the city web site would be nice also. Think is would be good for the city to have pictures showing Ms. Mulvehill in Bonn, Germany. Isn't that why she went on the trip to begin with? For the exposure Lake Worth would receive? Do you think the Lake Worth Herald would be interested in publishing some pictures of Ms. Mulvehill's presentation in Bonn? Just wondering. Or, how about some of the local blogs? 

Talk later, Wesley!