Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apparently, the City has trouble holding its water...

We, through our expert leadership on the dais and the city administration, are the only municipality in Palm Beach County that is still under water use restrictions - the most severe which allow only one day a week watering of lawns.  Click here for a non-working link on the city's website where there used to be information about who could water when.

There is little enforcement of these restrictions by the city - and the city happens to be one of the worst offenders.  Today, on my bike ride, I took this picture of the South Palmway median being watered - on a Saturday around 4 p.m.  We just experienced a deluge, as you can tell by the wet streets.
This is not an isolated incident.  There are many occasions of this in this particular area.

Then, we head up to the beach today, after the rainstorm.  There we find the new plantings being watered after the rain.  Here are some pictures.  It is my understanding that this water is coming from West Palm Beach, which is not under the type and severity of restrictions that Lake Worth is under.

Perhaps those that supported and voted for going forward with the reverse osmosis plant can explain why the city remains under the most severe water restrictions.  It is my understanding that this is self-imposed by a previous City Commission order - but also required by the South Florida Water Management District.  I will just say that given the self-imposed nature of these restrictions - it seems to be in name only and practice is something completely different.  I think the citizens deserve an explanation.