Friday, July 13, 2012

It's not every day...

...that you can come on this blog and read about the good work done by our Lake Worth utilities and building departments.  But this is one of those days.

You can see the photos that show evidence of the electric work I've had done at my house this week.  I consolidated two original fuse panels into a new panel with new circuit breakers.  I also upgraded to a 200 amp service.  The work was done by Lightning Electric.  It took all of about four days to do what had to be done.
Where a few of the old fuse-based panels were.

New panel added around the corner and out of view of the patio area.

Yesterday was the day the electric service to the house had to be shut off so that they could make the final connections.  Thanks go out to the Lake Worth utility department for being here on time for the power cut-off.  Thanks also go out to Richard, the electrical inspector, for getting here when needed and giving a green light to the work being done and calling for the release of power.  The utilities guys were out here late yesterday afternoon and reconnected the power - all in the same day, with some other similar projects being done by the city.  Kudos to all involved.

While generally a good idea anyway, the need to go to circuit breakers was made apparent when the house was inspected for windstorm insurance.  They wouldn't issue a policy unless the fuses disappeared - which as a  requirement for windstorm insurance didn't make must sense to me.   Seems like a roundabout way to let the property casualty insurers to sleep better at night.  I don't know.  Anyway, progress made, the work is done - now for the insurers up and time to start the process again.