Friday, April 20, 2012

New Lake Worth city manager fires assistant, eliminates budget office

Our new city manager is already taking decisive action.  Click title for link to PBP article.


Anonymous said...

Was there anybody in PBC that didn't know how missmanaged the beach projects are and what massive cost overruns were hidden by Stanton and her Staff?
It seems the Lyn Loon is spreading the rumor that Szerdi and his Living Designs Group are responsible for the cost overruns. Did she not get the memo that LDG is a sub of REG and LDG's LEED Standard specs were largely excluded from the final design. Maybe Lyn is still backing Mulvehill's representation that the Casino was going to be a Green Building.
Wes, any comments about LEED Standard and cost overruns on the beach?

Anonymous said...

While the "Back Bench" saw this coming for a month, could the firing of the HR, Housing Dir and the City Attorney (by the Commission) be far behind?
If Waters doesn't start effectively managing Buildings and Code, are his days numbered?
Is the untouchable Finance Dir in need of changing the Stanton party Line to maintain his retirement cash flow, or is he too far gone to be rehabilitated?
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Wes Blackman said...

Ms. Anderson is a leftover of the myth-making apparatus of the previous dais majority. Her specialty seems to be the creation of revisionist history to support her favorites on the dais - Commissioner Mulvehill being one of them. That Commissioner has drawn a worthy opponent in John Szerdi, so she has to manufacture a way to demonize her opponent,

Let's remember what we were promised by those on the City Commission who led us down the path we find ourselves on with the Casino building.

We were promised that we could easily break the agreement with Greater Bay since they did not perform - the city has spent around $800,000 in defense of the resulting lawsuit and now it seems that the court is looking for how (not if) to best calculate damages due Greater Bay. Wait until the news hits about what it really cost the city to break that contract.

We were promised that the building, as it sits, could be saved for much less money than it could rebuild. Then we find out that it couldn't be saved and that 94% of it would be torn down for a new building, despite the city's desperate attempts to make it seem like the building was being saved.

We were also promised that preference would be given to former tenants. Yeah right.

We were also promised that the building would be "state-of-the-art" in terms of green building standards and techniques. This is when John Szerdi was brought in, much in a way an afterthought, and pretty much used as window-dressing by those on the Commission to assure the public that it would be a very green building. But with Morganti's fixed price contract - which we were promised would be $6 million for a very green building that would be a model for everyone else to imitate -, the first items to go from the work plan for the building were items that would aid in its LEED certification. Now, many of the LEED requirements are put upon the tenants in their build out - thus transferring the cost from the $6 million project.

This is not Mr. Szerdi's fault. It is the fault of those wide-eyed Commissioners that promised their constituents everything, but delivered nothing. That lays on the lap of Commissioner Mulvehilol, not Mr. Szerdi.

Anonymous said...

The Trial Date for GB has been set for August 23, which should be the kiss of death for Mulvehill's reelection bid.
McVoy has made too many foolish and stupid remarks in Commission Meetings to be able to defend himself. Those remarks certainly dispel the myth that he is intelligent and has special knowledge on any subject.
McVoy’s meeting deficiencies pale in comparison to his total dereliction of duty as the FMPA Liaison for the Commission.

Lynn Anderson said...

Commissioner McVoy was making arrangements for a Memorial on the recent death of his Mother and could not attend the meeting in Orlando. That memorial service is this morning.
So, as far as intelligence, do you have a PhD?

Anonymous said...

McVoy's intelligence has been of limited value to himself or anyone else.
His statements in Commission meeting are legion, without substance and detract from most Agenda items.
Does anybody think there is any intelligence involved in ignoring the cost overruns on the beach, asking for income generating space to be used as community space or insisting that this is a park that requires "unique" tenants to reflect the multiculturalism of LW?
Only people with limited educations are in awe of a PhD designation. in the real world, productivity is more valued than educational achievements---especially after the first 1 or 2 jobs in a career.

Anonymous said...

Flipping burgers count?

Anonymous said...

It's true - Lynn and other LW residents believe that if one has a Phd., they have superior intelligence all across the board -
They are so in awe of the designation 'Phd' that they are blinded - (same trait as in cult followers)
McVoy is a soil scientist.
That is his area of expertise.
That has no bearing on his common sense, nor his capacity to understand anything other than soil.
Lynn's blog is turning into a platform for the uneducated.
Too bad.

Anonymous said...

There's BS, MS & PHD --"Piled Higher & Deeper", and that's not soil.

Mark Anthony Parrilla said...

I don't visit Lynn's blog anymore since my car accident in September 2011 and all the happier for it because it has allowed for civility between she and I. I should have known though that it wouldn't last long. Somehow I am now in part responsible for the firing of Kathleen Margoles since I am depicted in another one of her bad photochop jobs as a referee in a boxing match between Vice Mayor Maxwell and the X Asst. City Manager??? WTF??? I am not upset I am actually flattered because to be very honest I wish I had - had something to do with her long overdue termination and I am elated that we continue to clean house of all of those who believe it will continue to be business as usual towing the SS line, those days are done Thank God! I need someone to copy the picture and email it to me because I will not break my vow to not even acknowledge that that site exists much less ever give it the validity of visiting it ever again! Nothing worth going to it for!

Mark Anthony Parrilla

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me when our ever absent and inept city attorney will be canned? Seriously, what is the commission waiting for? The woman does nothing.