Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lake Worth rejects plan to hire private company to handle utility's billing, customer service

The PBP's take on last night's decision not to go with an outside contractor. Click title for link.


Potato Pancake said...

Anonymous said...

Back in the summer, before Mattey was set to resign and before Stanton was asked to leave, the issue was quite different than what we heard last night. It was unruly employees, a run away union and distrust that was forcing us to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I thought then... and even more so now, that the problem is with top leadership.

Mattey refuses to give commissioners, let alone citizens, return calls or e-mails or information they requested. Both Maxwell (about training and discipline) and Amoroso (about the warehouse)stated they requested information and had never received it. What's she hiding.

It was not a good decision last night... it was a great one. It still is possible that we need major changes in the Customer Service division of the utilities, but under new leadership of a new director, maybe we can make some progress with the personnel we have.

It's a dismal work environment for the employees, but from what I heard at the podium, they are generally very pleasant and helpful. While I did not comment last night, it has been my experience as well.

Thank you again Mayor and you other two who voted against outsourcing our future.


Dale said...

Tough to argue with those very valid poits c.
Still, how long will we continue to exceed industry standards by $2 to $4 million in uncollectable accounts receivable?
How much value will be lost without effective administration?
With Mattey staying through the 1st 8 months of this FY, when will we start to correct this problem?