Saturday, January 7, 2012

Visual Ephemera: Is Shuffleboard Worth Preserving?

Blog article on preserving our shuffleboard history written by a Floridian interested in keeping the game alive. Yours truly is quoted in the article. Remember, there will be a charette on the 25th of January at the Shuffleboard Court building.


Russ said...

If the LW Shuffleboard Club could be enticed back, would they be willing to take on the challenge of mentoring youth in the game? Would youngsters be interested at all? Given opportunity and effort something wonderful might be possible... but only if.

It's hard to imagine shuffleboard making a comeback here otherwise, and there are other more appropriate uses for the building and property. Much depends on how the corridor from A street to the railroad is planned. Should the city take the opportunity to relocate city hall and service offices within that corridor?

Since we're just imagining here, restoring the city hall building and property to it's original use as a community center is appealing. A nod to the original courts, plus lawn bowling perhaps? Places with strong historic identity such as Mt. Dora have very nice facilities. But they also have a very stable demogaphic and enviable tax base. We have to work very hard on that second part.

tp said...

Great comments Russ.... Lake Worth could handle it if it was inspired would be nice if it could remain a part of LW....The novelty of it would suit the town, but it would need to be marketed REALLY well..

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt said...

Read the article regarding the treatment from the city and knowing what happened to the Art League also. SOMEONE a year ago within the city was mean spirited. This ought to be sorted out and nipped it in the butt.
Don't dwell on anything negative.
The whole of Lake Worth needs to be marketed. Lake Worth has so many elements that make it unique and a desirable destination.
I'll be at the charette.

Betty Resch said...

That building used to be the social center, ard playing, shuffleboard, it was a gathering place. It would be nice if we could get the shuffleboard courts open again, even some of them, to have games for kids, and competitions between the neighborhood groups, etc. It is a resource and it would be lovely if it could have a renaissance.

Karri said...

Great idea about the neighborhood competitions Betty. Sounds like something the NAPC could help facilitate. It would be a good way to bring the community & NAs together and bring attention to the shuffleboard courts as well.