Friday, January 6, 2012

One of this blog's many astute readers points out the following regarding the Community Relations Board (CRB):

"The CRB really has no power to do anything but blather. It has no subpoena power, so it cannot compel anyone to "testify" on any issue. There are no penalties for ignoring it.  Click here for actual powers of the CRB contained in the City's Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Article XVI.

Note also that the City Commission is supposed to "review and approve" an annual work program:

"The board shall develop a yearly work plan to be reviewed and approved by the city commission, which will articulate how the listed outcomes will be achieved. "

Has this been done?  I interpret this to mean that their activities have to be approved on an annual basis in advance by the City Commission. That should be the lead item on their first meeting of the new year. The ordinance does not give the Board the authority to set its own agenda (although the City Commission can let them run amok).

Also see the authority of the City Manager:

  "The city manager or appointed designee shall be the official medium of communication between the city commission and the board" (emphasis added).

This could be interpreted to mean that the Board cannot communicate to the Commission except through the City Manager.

The whole concept is absurd as presently structured. Does anyone ever read an ordinance in LW after it is adopted?"