Sunday, January 22, 2012

City of West Palm Beach, Florida

Click title for link to the City of West Palm Beach's "Idea Exchange" - where residents can submit suggestions on improved city services or any number of topics. This new service was mentioned during Mayor Muoio's State of the City address. Also note that the City of West Palm Beach is currently reviewing its charter. And, while your at it, cruise through the entire website and then rate it in relation to the City of Lake Worth's.


Anonymous said...

The City of Lake Worth should do this too! Wes, can you recommend this or if they won't at least read these blogs regularly to see what we think!

Yet another Casino Cost said...

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
The GMP of $6,000,000 was approved by the City on June 7, 2011.
There have not been any adjustments to the GMP.
Potential Cost Impact Issues:
The following items are under consideration as additional scope of
work that may exceed the GMP:
□ The Owner is currently negotiating with potential
tenants. These negations may lead to cost impacts that
are unknown at this time.
□ The Owner has indicated that they will be
incorporating the slab on grade and several demising
walls into the project. A/E to provide appropriate
details so a complete scope impact exercise can take

Anonymous said...

Can someone analyze the comment above in plain speak? Thanks.

Skip R. said...

Plain speak = get ready for the change orders to start rolling in. There was no way this was to be a max $6 million project.

Depending on the extent and level of tenant fit out, the City may need to do more to the vanilla box spaces. Also the ground floor tenant spaces are normally left as dirt or sand for bars and restaurants. The tenant can design their space and the plumbing and electrical rough can be installed, then the concrete slab (floor) is poured. Sounds like the City may want to pour the slab now. This may result in a tenant to saw cut the slab to install their unique plumbing and electric lines, if needed, then pour back the trenches with more concrete.

And this before we even begin to think of the utility laterals necessary for the NEW Casino building.

Can you say $7 million, maybe $7.5 million????

Russ said...

Skip, Anon 3:40's question was to the relevance of Yet Another Casino Cost's post in regards to an article about the City of West Palm Beach's "Idea Exchange".

Good points, wrong thread.