Friday, December 30, 2011

The REAL Greater Bay Story, from an alert and loyal reader...

"The Commission, against the advice of the City Attorney, Karns, and led by the Cabal Leader, the Limo Liberal and Suzy Clueless voted to unilaterally terminate the contract with Greater Bay.
The resultant Greater Bay slam dunk winnable lawsuit was assured by the clouding of title by our infamous Dr. Dumb Dumb as President of the We Love Lake Worth PAC lawsuit against the city and then the McCauley-McNamara filing of their lawsuit gift to GB. It seems all of the requirements of Greater Bay under the Contract were contingent upon the City delivering “clean title”, which of course the lawsuits clouded.
Stanton commandeered the control over the Greater Bay lawsuit and ran up the legal bills and delayed the GB lawsuit at every opportunity for God knows what reason. Poor judgment or a desire to shelter the Cabal during Election Campaigns are the reasons most often given.
Stanton is accused of poor judgment in choosing the law firm that drew up the Contract to defend the city. Stanton also kept that law firm after their promise to easily dispense with Greater Bay through a quick Summary Judgment was thrown out of Court.
Stanton attended the Depositions and Interrogatories as the legal bill passed $500,000. We are waiting for Humphries & Carr to reveal the cost to date with expectations as high as $700,000. Of course, Never Settle Any Lawsuit for Any Number Stanton was true to form yet again.
If the city loses the lawsuit, the City will probably also have to pay Greater Bay’s legal costs. The only thing the city gained out of this was that Dr. Dumb Dumb no longer lectures us on his saving of the city from an evil developer."

To the above, I would add that the We Love Lake Worth PAC, headed by current Commissioner McVoy, gave him a chance to emerge from political obscurity and parade around town with other cabal storytellers.  The stories told at the doors of thousands around the city included the prospect of a hotel, a mall and other unspeakable evils that the new zoning and land use designation for the beach would allow and encourage. Many storytellers went so far to talk about other potential evils - demolition of the library with no windows on the east side of the Lucerne as evidence - completely unrelated to the content of the petition drive.  We now know that the zoning and land use designation that were the subjects of the petition drive to repeal ended up being needed for the current city-run project at the beach.  The City Commission met out of the sunshine to discuss the breaking of the contract and the possibility of suing Greater Bay - minutes of which have been produced to the court during the discovery process.  The city tried to duck by redacting, under Stanton's orders, large sections of relevant material.  Seeing these areas "blacked out" in the documents led the judge to suggest that the attorneys representing the city review public records law in the state of Florida and submit public documents intact.  Don't you think that the plaintiff's attorneys would compare the two sets - blacked out versus intact document - to assess what the critical areas of interest to the city are?  I have never heard of such a boneheaded move in my career.  It is just a matter of time until the court decides how badly the city loses this case.


Anonymous said...

The three blind mice made a purely political decision to appease their ill advised supporters, who time after time after time after time after time have been wrong about everything.
From the very beginning there were predictions the city would lose this lawsuit.
The best commission ever, the give that keeps giving, and losing

Anonymous said...

mulvehill and mcvoy still on the commission...can somebody tell me how they will spin all this crap?

Jack said...

Mayor Drautz proposed the RFP that resulted in Greater Bay being the only developer that would take liability for building on the beach. Commissioner Jennings was on the Commission that voted unanimously to accept GB. It seems we are about to see the cost to the City, if any, of the lawsuits led by Commissioner McVoy and McCauley-McNamara.

After City Manager Stanton was fired, Staff disclosed that the Cost Overruns on the Beach Projects are in the $2.5 to $3 million range. Casino Construction Delays and problems with the Leasing Program are just now coming to light. The Financing for all or part of the Costs is only now revealing the Total Exposure to Taxpayers.

With the new Commission Majority inheriting Stanton's Development Team and the Casino 50-60% complete, it doesn't really matter the scope of the problems, these elected leaders need to use their skills, judgment and oversight abilities to address that which they have inherited.

John Rinaldi said...

I asked (begged) Jeff Clemmons to get a second opinion from a different law firm before voting to terminate the GB contract. He refused and told me we had the best attorneys in the county and there was no need for another opinion. Jeff was dead wrong. I advised Rene Varela not to use the Casey firm telling him that we needed new legal eyes to advise the city. He did nothing. So now what do we do? We need a top city attorney.

Wes Blackman said...

John, we do need a new city attorney that is capable of advising the Commission on legal strategy and to know when to negotiate a settlement - or not go forward with the policy action that would end up in a case where the city has no defense. Mojito's, Sunset and the Champion Tree come to mind...all are/were/will be losers for the city. Where does the money come from to defend the indefensible? - US!

Anonymous said...

You mean Lynn Anderson's blog isn't the place to look for facts and truth about Lake Worth?

Dale said...

John, I believe you are especially right about the Champion Tree lawsuit as it is a loser for the city before it gets started. The CA was assigned to it to cover up the AK involvement.
Of course the Anderson-McGovern inspired Smith Property lawsuit has never been anything but an attempt to settle for the lowest loss to the city possible.
Any chance we can recover any of the city's lost money from the Jennings-Golden-Mulvehill group or the McVoy-McCauley-McNamara group or the Annabeth Karson cabal. They may have some money, but couldn't some of them be covered by insurance.
It is really frustrating that some people only detract from the city and never contribute anything--even when elected to public office.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of lawsuits. The Drenski, Reyes, and Howard lawsuit will not only set the city back a pretty penny, but would have also caused the termination of both the CM and the Utility Director. Two possible reasons for Mattey's leaving are the pending lawsuit and the pending audit, neither of which she could have withstood.

Anonymous said...

What "pending audit"?

Anonymous said...

The facts are certainly getting in the way of Mulvehill's pronouncements that she had to clean up the messes of previous commissions.