Saturday, November 5, 2011

Revelations from last Thursday's special Commission Meeting on Casino tenant leases...

  • Construction stopped for past three to four weeks at a cost of $700 to $800 a day.
  • City Manager tells no one on the Commission about delay and associated cost before Thursday night.
  • Construction not stopped at south end of building.
  • Apparent contradiction about delay cost being assessed by Morganti and construction continuing unexplained.
  • Construction stopped due to delay in determining whether we are going to have one, two story restaurant (Johnny Longboats) or two separate restaurants on the first and second floors.
  • Probable name for second floor, stand-alone restaurant:  "L'Rance de Annabeth Dee-lites"
  • Cost of hole in the floor to accommodate two story restaurant around $35,000.
  • A 2 a.m. closing time will change the character of the beach "park."  Does this mean "sun up to sun down?"
  • Conflict in closing hours among the Commission and overall "commercial-ness" of the project will subject a complete review of the business plan - to come in the future - time uncertain.
  • Mr. Banting of Anderson/Carr, official leasing broker for the property, said that he understood why no one else responded to the RFP.  The City of Lake Worth is impossible to work with.
  • Mr. Banting of Anderson/Carr asks where new broker was when RFP was issued, defends Mr. Snitkin as doing everything he can do to find tenants - according to previous direction given by the Commission.
  • Johnny Longboat's chances of walking away at this point: 99% according to Mr. Banting.
  • Commissioner McVoy's introduction of NEW broker recalls the bringing in of Straticon and their claim that the building can be saved.
  • Commissioner McVoy's introduction of NEW broker shows no respect for RFP process and the work of official broker.
  • The faithful - Lawrence McNamara, Annabeth Karson, Lynn Anderson, Commisssioner McVoy vow to carry on how they have gotten "this far."
  • "This far" means: Not saving the building from demolition, expensive Greater Bay lawsuit which could result in large multi-million judgement against the city, losing legacy/destination tenant John G's, pulling money from no visibly provable fund with no end financing, end financing would include the pledging of other city revenues to secure a loan, pretending the project is a rehabilitation when it is new construction, not checking on the soundness of the seawall that will protect the unfortified foundation of the new building, building seaward of the coastal construction control line, ignoring impact of earlier closing times on parking revenues, not having a clear understanding of when turtle nesting season is or how this project will impact them differently than the other building, favoring previous tenants that have contributed to seated Commissioner's campaigns, delaying the project due to indecision, further cementing the impression that the City of Lake Worth is anti-business and cannot be trusted.
  • Maxwell's request to reschedule meeting to a future date proven correct.
  • Did I leave anything out?


Anonymous said...

Nope that about covers it.

Wes Blackman said...

I forgot the bogus petition drive that launched McVoy's political career. It was to require a vote to repeal the zoning and land use designations for the beach that in the end were needed to support a commercial building. I guess they are going back to that strategy again - we heard that Thursday night too.

D. E. B. said...

Will the Special Assessment generated by the Loan Shorfall to cover the real total Casino costs be $4-6 million?
After all, isn't that were we are going with the new Business Plan of Golden-Waterman-McVoy?

truepenny said...

Where do I start my comments?
1. I hope we can say good bye Susan very soon... she is toxic in many ways.
2. Turtles, we need to take care of them, let them grow big and healthy so we can catch them and make turtle soup... haven't had it in a long time, also turtle steaks are good.
3. So what's wrong with staying open until 2 am, let the people party all they want. Let them have loud music, makes for a happy gatherings, and besides who in the hell will hear it all the way from the Casino Bldg. Who goes to the beach at that time anyway.
4. I don't care for the small POOR town environment some want. I rather be big and prosperous. This is the land of milk and honey... let's push forward and bring some big business into town.
5. Say adios MFs... to Rachel and JoAnn, then the real people with jobs can have a say so.

John Rinaldi said...

So what is really happening here. Is it the goal of McVoy, Golden and Waterman to sto the project or are they up to something else? What di you think Wes?

Russ said...

Glad you mentioned the BS that gave us Dr. Dirt, Wes. How amusing that he was touted for his brilliance. There's nothing to be gained by delaying the inevitable, they're just posturing to give the impression of careful consideration. Not very convincing.

Wes Blackman said...

John, I am glad that you asked that question and it has a multi-faceted answer. This is just based upon my observation over the years. This group of people is one that constantly is moving the goal posts. It's as if there is agreement, they are not asking for enough - so they go back to what their original goals were at the beginning of something. At that time it was too much, but as the power shifts with different people and personalities, opportunities emerge. I also think that there is a reluctance to have their fingerprints on anything that is tangible, that people can point at and have a critical opinion that is different from there's. You have too many of those and you lose elections. And, when it comes down to it, I think they really do not know what they really would want if it bit them on the nose. They also do not care about the practicality of decisions and do not take things into consideration like ultimate costs - to most, anything that weakens the "system" is a good thing. I also think that, as a whole, they are not a "fun" group. The phrase that comes to mind when I think of this group is "WE WILL HAVE NO MERRIMENT. THE PUNISHMENT WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR ATTITUDE IMPROVES." I would not like to be at a party with these people. They don't like alcohol and they don't like noise. Their idea of a party is the Quaker Meeting House.

Anonymous said...

I thing the money being spent while the construction has been stopped should come from Stanton's pay, and then she should be FIRED.

Russ said...

Oh, they party when things go their way... my manager and staff reported that Mizz Mayor and her entourage were plenty rowdy celebrating the June election.

Shoulda saved the security footage. The system only stores for 7 days.