Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"As I write this from the olive-laden hills of Kalamata..."

RE-POSTED BY REQUEST - First posted on 11/1/11, reposted on 1/10/12 and again requested today.  It might be one of the reasons for the perceived weakness of the supporters of the current two vote minority on the Commission.  Make sure to visit the link.

Panagioti (sorry for the capitalization Pan ol' boy) and his expatriate manifesto...grandiosity and pretentiousness are not only limited to our Mayor (referring to Ms. Waterman), it seems.  History will record it as "panagioti's Kalamata Tree-tise"  Click here for link to his current vision for Lake Worth, the world and the whole of humanity.  You can see where the many rivers of policy that stream from dais come forth.  Panagioti is chair of the Community Relations Board (which he refers to in this e-mail) and the scope of the board's activities is coming up under New Business on tonight's City Commission agenda.  Key among these is the demand to cut the PBSO contract by 25% so that we can free ourselves from living under a "Mafia-esque" police state.  Strangely, he thinks that this police state contributes to "boredom" in the city.  I don't know about you, but I prefer boredom to the excitement of an armed home invasion on most days.