Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mark Parrilla's Ode to Joe Kroll presented at last night's meeting....


Do you have to be reminded that you are not a slave? That this is no plantation, nor your desk, an unmarked grave?

They paid you lots of money for your work and for your time; but you helped Lake Worth prosper and you earned your every dime.

They could fire you at any moment, as they did to many friends, but now you fire the city and you choose just when it ends.

You owe this City nothing,
we owe it all to you, You are a hero in this town
Don’t ever doubt this to be true!
You were the boss of bosses
Your employees always came first
If we had more public servants with your style
We might not feel so cursed

You made the choice to work here and you make the choice to depart,
I know your new employees will enjoy
The kindness of your heart.

So you find you have the power: depart the building, close the door. But in that mighty gesture you have opened many more.

Mark was later asked to leave the Commission chambers for whispering or mouthing words to Lynn Anderson.  Mayor Waterman thought this was unacceptable behavior and insisted that she heard something at least three times so he was out.  Others heard nothing.  So, when do we start taking political prisoners?