Monday, October 10, 2011

Lake Worth's Guatemalan-Maya Center may be required to move in March

Meanwhile the Lake Worth Community Development Corporation has no lease with the city and hasn't since Commissioner Golden has been in office. That space could be used either by city employees or another non-profit that actually does something to serve the community. Commissioner Jo Ann Golden's convenient in-one-day-out-the-other relationship with the agency has kept them from public scrutiny, with ample cover provided by the city manager. In the meantime, other non-profits in Lake Worth were shown the door - kicked out of city buildings and Commissioner Golden made the motion to do it! Click title for link to article.

This is also timed to "rally the troops" and provide another polarizing issue prior to the election.

Having trouble believing the REAL story about Jo Ann?  Click here for some of her record.  Please be patient as there is over 200 pages of back-up material.  I have provided an index that summarizes the various actions.


Anonymous said...

POST agenda on Monday Willie Howard.
Salaries, Charter up for discussion.
The Mayor suggests a raise as well as commissioners.
MANY ADDED ASSESSMENTS made BY THIS COMMISSION to the residents. Some of us are having to work two jobs to try to keep our families fed. HOW can they ASK or expect a raise, are they working two jobs or do these assessments not affect our MAYOR or commissioners?

Lynn Anderson said...

Mark merely whispered--that is the truth.

Jessica said...

You left out the part where the City Manager's original list of non-profits occupying City-owned buildings included the CDC - months before the meeting where it was presented to the Commission. The original list was provided to the Finance Advisory Board. Why was the list altered between distributions?