Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lake Worth discusses possibility of lengthening commission terms

I listened to most of the meeting yesterday morning. It should be noted that Mayor Waterman was not in attendance during the part of the meeting when charter changes were discussed. Reading Stanton's quote about instability and then the references to breaking the Greater Bay contract and the Palm Beach County water agreement, are we admitting that those were bad decisions? Or ones that the city was wrong in reversing? Perhaps we need to elect people who understand the importance of commitments made by previous Commissions? Both issues were used heavily by the forces who presently make up the majority of the City Commission in getting their candidates elected in the first place. I am for a holistic examination of the charter by a committee, but I am concerned who would end up on it and what their agendas would be. Instead of lengthening terms, as I have said before, we should look at adding two more commission seats - having four positions elected from their district only, with three commissioners elected citywide, including the Mayor. Whether this charter tinkering goes anywhere will be interesting to watch. Click title for link to article.