Tuesday, October 11, 2011

City Commission Work Session 10/11

Click here for link to live audio, from 9 a.m. on.
Right now (9:45 a.m.) they are talking about length of Commission meetings.  Vice Mayor Mulvehill is running the meeting...where is Rachel?

Click here for spreadsheet with length of meetings - good summary.

They are on the Charter item right now.  I think there should be a committee formed to review the entire charter - scared about who would be on it, but it needs to be looked at holistically.  I would really like to explore a seven (7) member Commission - four Commission seats would be elected ONLY by the district they represent, and there would be three at-large seats.  Those three would be elected from the entire city and one of those positions would be Mayor.  They haven't mentioned it, but I think it is a good idea.

I am starting to wonder about our Mayor's absence at today's meeting and wonder if she is around or not period - maybe she wasn't around town last night either?  Maybe this is the real reason for her public announcement cancelling her attendance at candidate forums.  Perhaps the excuse she is offering is a convenient "strategic" reason, but the real reason may be that she can't make them due to a schedule conflict of some sort.  I note the communication to the College Park neighborhood association from her campaign that she wouldn't attend their forum on 10/17 A DAY BEFORE the candidate forum where she was subject to "vicious personal attacks."

They are taking a break now and are supposed to return at 11 to discuss the Guatemalan Maya Center.

Mayor Waterman is there now at 11 a.m.  They are talking about downtown maintenance.