Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lake Worth might get extra two months to decide on fire service contract

This was the suggestion made by Scott Maxwell at last Thursday's meeting. Besides Mayor Waterman, no other Commissioner picked up on the idea. It seems that the County is at least receptive to discuss the extension of the deadline. Even so, it still makes it dicey to review and approve a budget based upon the imposition of an assessment for fire service that no one has seen yet. That is why the Commission will have to set the millage rate at the highest allowable by law in order to maintain flexibility. So many of the "new positions" - including the internal auditor - are predicated on this assessment happening so that we can raise the tax rate to fund them.

I guess we will find out tomorrow night if the County Commission said it was "O.K."

The latest Willdan Study of fire and rescue services says that, yes, the city can re-establish its fire department, but it will cost more than the contract we currently have with the County - which means that we would be paying more for less service. We would also face the prospect of even higher taxes since the MSTU would be cancelled, allowing what in the future could amount to taxation above the 10 mil limit. All for the sake of control? Click title for link to PBP article.