Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lake Worth approves another two years with Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Click title for link to PBP's short account of the action taken last night. Things to remember: the study was unnecessary and had nothing to do with the concession offered by PBSO. McVoy, Golden and Mulvehill would have plowed ahead and given the city manager her own police department without the organized outrage expressed by the community. Remember, Ms. Waterman is supported by the same three Commissioners.


Tom Ramiccio said...

Congratulations to you Wes, Karri Bob and Mary for your hard work and dedication. You and the residents of lake Worth deserve the credit for keeping PBSO. NOT the three blind mice who continue to hood wink the public that they were for PBSO. BULL@@##

Dale said...

This was a big loss for the Cara Cabal of Commissioners Golden, McVoy and Mulvehil who followed Cara's direction to try to bring the police back under control of the city so Cara could gut it the same way she did the Code Dept.
Of course that doesn't stop the Commissioners from taking credit for it while campaigning door to door for Cara's Mayoral Candidate, Rachel Waterman, a sometimes resident of Lake Worth with a questionable resume.
Bradshaw offered a $1,000,000 reduction in Feb before negotiations started. Stanton's $54,000 study and 4 months of negotiations resulted in an add'l $67,000 contract reduction
Now do you want to hear the BS on the FS-EMS Contract negotiations?

Anonymous said...

are these people all crazy? was there any one on the commission that actually wanted the pbso?

Anonymous said...

Stanton is now setting the stage for getting rid of Palm Beach Fire Rescue. She said in the Commission meeting last night the city needs to reduce the contract by $2 million dollars. If the entire cost for the year is $5 million (or even $6 million), how can any reasonable person expect a service provider to cut costs by 33% to 40% and maintain the level of service? Here we go again - the sky is falling!!

Greg Rice said...

Don't throw away all those Keep PBSO signs. This is not done yet. Go to the city's web site and listen to the audio reply of last nights commission meeting. At around 1:39:00 during the final comments befor the vote on the PBSO contract see if you don't hear that we're not done with this yet. Hear the mention about future talks with PBSO will be about lower fees still and more city control over our PBSO unit. It's Ground Hog Days all over again.