Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jobs today, economic competitiveness tomorrow--now is the time to build high-speed rail - Welcome to the FastLane: The Official Blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation

The Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, talks about the fervor surrounding the returned money from Florida related to high speed rail. He also underlines the importance of upgrading our infrastructure so that we remain competitive, or better yet regain our competitiveness, in the world marketplace - click title for link.  Click here for his op-ed piece in The Hill on the same topic.


Anonymous said...

not sure what to say the whole thing is a disaster, the governor is a disaster.
The news yesterday reported that he gave his wife the run of their company. Yet, wants us to know, he has not set foot on the companies premises.
Now what would you consider sleeping with the Pres. of your said Co. (community property)
Most successful spies known to date all got their information and gleaned highly secure transaction all via the bedroom.
Has he not heard of WPA

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I have to disagree. High speed rail in Florida is a huge boondoggle. Scott might be a scumbag, but he is dead on with spending billions on a mode of transportation that hauls a desperately few people in a straight line. How's Amtrack doing?

That's not to say all mass transportation is a waste of time and money. Ridership is up at Palm-Tran and Tri-rail only because the economy is so bad. If that turns around, people will again enjoy their freedom and drive their own cars.
Please keep in mind though, 6 cents of every gallon of gasoline sold in Palm Beach County goes to subsidize our county mass transportation system. That means we are all paying for our system now. Those of us who don't use the system are paying for it. The same will happen with the HSR.

How much are YOU willing to pay for the few hundred people to ride in comfort from Miami to Tampa or Orlando?

Anonymous said...

That is short sighted. I travel on the Tri-Rail, actually costs me more than driving. But I'm alive.
Taken Amtrack, you have go to Sanford to take vehicles. How much nicer if you could just come down to Florida get of in Lake Worth, taxi to condo and hit the beach. No gas, no worry and limited environmental impact.