Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From 2008...

These were taken along Dixie Hwy a few years ago, but conditions haven't really changed since then.  If anything, they have continued to deteriorate.  These properties represent potentially the highest value commercial property tax producing properties in the city.  That had been their historical role through the city's early development.  An unrealistic and arbitrary height limitation again acts as a de facto moratorium.  In addition, the city has the highest commercial utility rates in the state of Florida.  Layer on the questionable status of the Comprehensive Plan, the land development regulations (zoning code) and there is no answer to the question "Why would you like to invest in Lake Worth property?"

Once a viable development pattern is established along the Dixie Hwy. corridor - one that supplies the retail and employment needs of Lake Worth residents - then we can dismantle the CRA and enjoy additional revenue to the general fund.  In the meantime, we can use captured money from new redevelopment to cure blight and slum conditions in other areas of the CRA district - helping raise property values.

I will not be accused of not coming up with ideas for additional revenue.