Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wellington-area dog shelter to face county commission scrutiny

Click title for link to Palm Beach Post article. It would be good of them to report about instances when a City Commissioner's non-profit agency is allowed to operate and occupy city space without a lease during the time in which that City Commissioner was in office, pay no utilities contrary to the original lease, cover-up the matter while deliberating over leases of other non-profits vying for space in city buildings and then make a motion to terminate the lease of three non-profits with valid leases of city facilities. Maybe William (formerly "Willie") Howard will do a front page spread soon.


Mark A. Parrilla said...

Wes Willie would only be doing the story if that had been Scott or Rene. Have you been hitting the cooking cherie before you wrote this. LOL! This will be swept under the rug. It's up to the local bloggers to get the word out. Notice how the hysterical blogger from the twilight zone didn't post an all out spread on Joann. The circus is still going strong for 2011.

Anonymous said...

Wes I would email him everything you've posted and basically challenge him to run the story. At least shed more public light on the situation. This seems like a clear case of corruption. Ghetto Goldie is selectively enforcing rules which result in favorable treatment for herself. Wonder how some of the other non profits that were booted by the city would respond to a PB Post's reporters questions on the matter?

Mark A. Parrilla said...

I did that at 7am this morning. One step ahead of ya'! :-) (Singing and marching...Ooooonward christian sooooldier...)