Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association | January Update

Hello Friends & Neighbors!
On Monday, January 3rd the Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association held its January Meeting. Following are some updates:

Elections: The results are in! President - Ryan Anderson, Vice-President - Robert Elliott, Secretary/Treasurer - Jessica PlotkinCarolyn Deli was appointed to the Board of Directors, replacing Robert Elliott. We look forward to another productive and successful year.

Banners - Two designs have been submitted for the Neighborhood Identification project. Please click here to view and take a quick survey. Please note that we can combine ideas from the two designs, or create something totally different. If there are ideas, comments, or drawings you would like to see included, this is a chance to make it happen! We welcome your feedback!

2011 1st Quarter Goals - The members had a great discussion last night about things the Association can achieve in the next 3 months.

Increase business membership - The first step is outreach and letting the businesses in our community know that we are here to support them and to help the neighborhood prosper. On Saturday, January 29th, we will hold a clean-up of the alley-ways behind G St. & H St. Prior to that we need volunteers to notify the business owners on G St. & Dixie Highway about what we are doing and why. If you can't make the clean-up, this is a great way to meet some new people and help build the Association. New flyers will be provided.

Fix yard signs - Several years ago, the CRA purchased yard signs with the date, time and location of the monthly meetings. However, these signs have not been updated since the move to Compass Center. We are looking into pricing out printed laminated strips that can be affixed to the signs and distributed to the members.

Block Captains & Code Enforcement - Last evening block captains were chosen to select 5 of the worst code violators on their street. These properties will be submitted to Code Enforcement and followed up weekly until the issues are resolved. It is our belief that the only way these problems will finally be fixed is thorough frequent, persistent follow-up. If there is a property you would like to see cleaned up, please email me the address and issue and I will be happy to forward it to your block captain.

**Unfortunately, Terry Edwards is no longer with the City and I have received no response to who our new area Code Enforcement Officer is.**