Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Apparently this is what prompted the Mayor's call for an investigation of the CDC.

I had skipped over this item, thinking it was inconsequential (New Business, Item B).  After reading, I still think it is.  I'm not sure what it intends to do that is different from the way things are done now.  This relates to whose job it is to execute and approve contracts - the resolution, drafted by Commissioner Golden, attempts to strengthen the "non-political" city manager role in their approval.  However the Mayor is still involved, so I really don't see a big deal.

There was a need for this a few years ago when the City Commission approved the contract to re-do the beach with Greater Bay.  Mayor Drautz had the duty to initial all of the pages of the large beach agreement and refused to do so - saying that he would have to read and understand all the pages and he didn't have time to do that.  The Commission then moved to have that duty be done by then Vice-Mayor Lowe.

I am not aware of any current issue that would present a similar problem.  In her memo, Commissioner Golden mentions difficulties with transition between annual elections.  Earth to Commissioner Golden - we only had one Commissioner replaced due to the last election.  It makes me wonder just how involved the former Commissioner was involved in approving contracts since that is the only material change.

Let's listen and see what we find out.