Sunday, August 1, 2010

Delray Beach's CRA celebrates 25 years: Officials look ahead to next 20 years -

Click title for link to Orlando Sentinel article - great exposure for Delray.


Jack said...

The article pointed out what can be accomplished under adverse conditions. It is interesting to remember how important strong and courageous leadership was required.
Mayor Doak Campbell and Commissioner Marie Horenberger first had to convince a reluctant City Commission to fund the bond for the utility upgrades, hardscape improvements and renovation of Old School Square. Then they had to overcome a number of naysayers and negative groups to win public approval of the ballot initiative on the bond.
Also, the Chamber, a Downtown Development Community and the CRA had to get together to fund an activities position to bring people into Delray with a myriad of activities.
Of course, it would have all been fruitless without a concerted effort to reduce crime and blight. The CRA backed the forming of a number of NA's, led by the churches on the west side and a group of progressive rebels in Pineapple Grove. The NA's insistence on addressing crime and blight was a priority by a series of successive City Commissions that insisted on decreasing these impediments to a decent quality of life.
Of course mistakes were made and there were false starts on a number of projects. But the consistently strong and effective leadership continued to show the courage, vision and integrity required to maintain the positive journey.
We should settle for nothing less in Lake Worth.

Anonymous said...

Delray, Schmelray!