Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Candidate Statement in the 10/7 issue of the Lake Worth Forum

DISTRICT 3 by Nadia Sorocka

Wes Blackman, 48, said the knowledge he has as an urban planner will be put to great use if he becomes city commissioner. Blackman has lived in Lake Worth for the past 20 years, living in three different neighborhoods. This is his second time running against Jo-Ann Golden. He is former chairman of the Lake Worth Planning and Zoning Board, former chairman of the Lake Worth Historic Resource Preservation Board and former board member of the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency. He also has a blog pertaining to city issues at He said he wants to make city government more accessible to the residents.

Blackman said the city would benefit from the following plan:

"There needs to be a redevelopment of the North Dixie Highway area," he said. He would like to see retailers that can create places for people to shop for the necessities, something Blackman said is lacking in Lake Worth. He also said that the Park of Commerce needs to be utilized in a way that will bring high-qualified jobs to the community.

He said that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is doing a good job combating crime, although he feels the current commission is not allowing the department to utilize all its resources. He said another way to combat crime is to utilize neighborhood associations and neighborhood crime watches. "They are the eyes on the streets," he said. "We need to integrate neighborhood associations with capital projects."

"Residents of Lake Worth deserve to be treated with respect," Blackman said. This is why he says he plans to improve customer service at the building department and the Lake Worth Utilities.

If placed on the commission, Blackman said he plans to establish monthly listening meetings located in different areas around Lake Worth. "I would like to have it be a community event," he said.

"I will refuse to act on an item delivered late," Blackman said. "I will also not vote on items brought the day of the meeting." He said he will do this so that he has time to hear the public's concerns and ideas on issues.

This is the paper that comes around to your neighborhood and is usually dropped on your driveway. If you would like to see the profiles of other candidates, you can pick one up in the newspaper boxes on J Street, south of Lake Avenue. Reproduced here by permission.
Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Wes Blackman for City Commissioner District #3